New jKaiUI Windows Integration:

Reciently team xlink have added jKaiUI to their windows package manager. This means windows users now have a new choice of UI's. Users can select either the default or the Java option from the KaiConfig tool.

(Start>Programs>XLink Kai Evolution 7>Start Kai Config Tool)

Ensure your settings match the picture below.

java kai config settings

Once your happy you have these details with your xtag and correct password click ok to save your settings. Now next time you start kai it will start the kai engine and run jKaiUI instead of the default UI.

First the engine will start followed be jKaiUI. It may take a couple of seconds for jkai to start up.

Make sure that you set the engine host to the IP address of the computer running the engine. Generally you will use, the loopback network connection address. Because the engine is on the same computer as the UI.



If you do not already have java installed will need to need to download and install it using the link below.

The Java 1.5 Runtime Environment (JRE)

Select the "J2SE 5.0 JRE includes the JVM technology" option, the other packages on the page are for java developers.


1) The engine has to be able to recieve incoming traffic from the internet on port 37500 UDP. Make sure your router has this port open for the IP address of the computer that's running the engine on your network so it can recieve incoming data.

2) Check your firewall is not block any of these ports.


Anything unclear in this tutorial? Email me remoth(At]gmail(dot}com.